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Letterpress Printing

‘With 26 Soldiers of Lead I will conquer the world’ - Benjamin Franklin


Published in 1977, and distributed to members of the British Printing Society, this booklet was aimed at letterpress printers using small presses such as Adana and treadle machines. Much may still be of use, but obviously allowance must be made for the changes in the industry since publication. Issue 2 was written and partly printed, but never completed (I forget why) but as it happens mostly dealt with issues like legal requirements that make its content now obsolete, so not worth reproducing. The pages are reproduced from scans.

Topics included below are:

Books on Printing : Paper Sizes: Paper Terminology : Paper Buying : Paper Storage : Buying Type : Typesetting (calculations) : Leads : Trade Typesetting : Inks : Roller Types & cleaning : Illustrations : Common Faults, Possible Causes, and Cures : Letterpress Machines

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