Throwaway Lines


Printing that is produced for a practical use, but seldom kept afterwards. The press has produced a great deal of this for charitable purposes, and to give away to fellow-printers

e.g. Tickets

You can think of these as mini-posters for the events. My aim has always been to make them reflect the spirit, and to that end I use a wide variety of styles. These examples are just a few of hundreds produced over decades.

Letterpress traditionally produced vast amount of ephemera, and to minimise costs, usually, as here, worked with whatever was already to hand: various typefaces, decorative border units and pieces, and stock cast illustrations.

Type Specimen Sheets

Most printers produce specimens of the typefaces they stock both to refer to when designing and to show customers. Typefounders also produced them, but often with random words or phrases, possibly to discourage piracy, whereas printers’ specimens were usually a complete set of characters or as many as filled a standard line.

When I needed to update my specimens after several rather dull versions over the decades, I decided to produce them as SRA3 posters, with the layout in a style to suit the typefaces included, which were grouped by style as much as possible. The full set runs to some 40 sheets, covering several hundred fonts of type. (To a printer, the design is the Typeface, the physical set of one size of that typeface is the Font.)